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Wellness As A Way of Life
Megan Swan

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About Me

Megan Swan is an expert in making wellness a way of life and the CEO of Megan Swan Wellness, a Canadian-based company.  She brings 11 years of experience to her clients which include female founders, leaders and corporate Moms.  She is the creator of the Sustainable Integrated Wellness Approach, has helped her clients optimize their wellness granting them more confidence from within, energy and clarity in decision making.  

Megan has been featured on more than 20 podcasts, published dozens of articles for Authority Magazine and ThriveGlobal.  She self-published her first book on Amazon in both English and Spanish helping Moms detox everyday toxins to reboot their vitality. She is on a mission to make wellness a way of life and not a checkmark on your to do list.

Why You Should Join Me


There is no one-size fits all wellness. 

Join us to find your own version of wellness. 

Wellness should feel embodied, not outside of yourself. 

We are reinstating our agency to know what is best for ourselves. 

By tuning in to our intuition, embodied experience, observations and physical, emotional and mental feedback we will determine what is best for us and grow confidence in our ability to discern and drown out the constant overwhelm of information and noise. 

Evolution, expansion, simplification, tribe vibe, life long self-improvement.